About Me

Hi! I’m Mutia. Basically I love Linux, Data and Artificial Intelligence.

I had a background in Bachelor of Information Technology and Computer Science. And now still progress in my Master degree that focused on Natural Language Processing.

I am a good worker and good learner. I’m highly interested in Linux, data analysis, business and marketing intelligence but really open to learning new stuff. Beside that, I love writing, design and making some creative idea that will make you happy.

I have experience being:

Technical Support, that usually handle customer’s problem about hosting, DNS, server, WordPress error, SSL.

Technical Writer, that creating a user guide for customer especially in domain, hosting, server, cpanel, internal documentation, digital marketing, WordPress and any other CMS

Data Scientist, that focused on Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Big Data research.

I have experience in this area:

  • Writing: Technical Writing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Markdown
  • OS: Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS
  • Web Server: Apache, Nginx
  • Database Server: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Hosting Controlpanel: cPanel/ WHM, Ajenti
  • Programming: Python, Bash
  • Machine Learning: Classification (Naive Bayes, SVM), Clustering(KMeans), Pandas, Numpy, Scikit Learn, Matplotlib, Jupyter, Google Colaboratory
  • Deep Learning: PyTorch, Keras, LSTM, Seq2seq
  • Natural Language Processing: NLTK, Text Preprocessing, Feature Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Text Classification, Text Clustering, Topic Modelling (LDA)
  • Business Intelligence: Customer Segmentation, Association Rule
  • Data Warehouse: ETL Concept, Pentaho
  • Other: WordPress, Prestashop, Opencart, Twitter Scrapping, News Scrapping, WEKA



Wanna talk to me? Please send your email to me@mutiarauliya.com 🙂