February 20, 2016

How to Record Your Desktop in Linux

By mutia
Hi! Nice to meet you again. Now, I’ll share about how to record your desktop in Linux. Sometimes we need to record our activities in laptop. What for? For making some tutorial, for show the way to the other person about how to solve the problem. Something like that. :v In windows I used to use Macromedia Captive. Yeaah this is for Windows. And now, we’re using Linux. So the question is,

“Can we record our desktop in Linux?”
Offcourse yes! Absolutelly yes! We can made anything with this lovely software operating system. We can use this Record My Desktop!

So, how we using it?
It’s so easy. We opened it, click select window then drag in the small screen there. Why? It’s for making some layout/ screen that we want to record. If we drag in small area so we just record the desktop in small area. If we drag in wide area or in 100% area so the record will be in 100% too. Then we can making some choice for record our desktop. With sound or no. If without sound (only the activity of desktop) we can lost the checklist there. If we’ve ready for making some record, then click record. Voila! Your desktop will be recorded.

When your desktop still in record mode, the panel will be in mainbar. In the top or in the bottom (taskbar). If you want to pause your record, you’ve to press pause. If you wanna stop it, you only press the stop. Click! Your record has been finish. After that, don’t forget to save your record. Click save as then choose your directory for saving. Wait unting rendering was saved. If already finish, voila! You can play your record with your lovely media player :v